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    advertising in the college of engineering
    events or opportunities relevant to a significant majority of college of engineering students can be advertised in the following ways:

    • digital display screen (tv) signage (cb, eb, snlb, ctb) - see requirements below
    • student newsletter inclusion (monthly, first school day of month) - send by last week of month
    • posters (bulletin boards and cb poster wall) - 8.5x11" or 24x36" unmounted, by availability
    • social media (facebook, instagram)

    to advertise to targeted groups or specific departments, contact the department directly.

    for digital display requirements and submission, see below. for other advertising questions, email the communications manager
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    digital display (tv) 日韩在线一中文字目4screen requirements
    college screens are in public areas of the cb, eb, snlb, and ctb. to advertise to specific majors, contact the department directly.

    submit your 1920x1080p .jpeg advertisement and the original design file at least 5 business days before you want the ad to start running to the ad will run for one week.

    • the average view time is less than 5 seconds. make sure text is clear, concise, and easy to read from afar. the less text, the better.
    • format: .jpg. please also send the original, editable file in .psd,.ppt, etc. in case minor changes need to be made
    • size: 1920 x 1080 pixels. if using powerpoint to create your ad, change the dimensions under page setup to 26.67 in. x 15 in. before designing.

    download template options here.
    acceptable tv ad examples. necessary information only, minimal text, large font size